We love great food and having fun with it! If you are going to do something do it yourself. That’s why we put a lot of love and care into our food. We make our own bagels, our own brioche for our burger buns, our own bacon, our own smoked salmon, smoked brisket, our own sourdough rye bread, sausages, desserts, cheese… well you get the idea. Pretty much everything is made here and by hand. We make artisan Montreal inspired food, prepared simply for you so you can taste the quality!

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Check out this amazingly charming video from New York:

Just like Montreal, bagels are part of the culture, people go to their bagel bakeries and get fresh ones, not the stale bread bagels that people toast from the grocery store. Bagels should be fresh, no need to toast when they are!

We have the luxury of having our own smoke house on site so everything is cured and smoked here, and fresh every day. Quality food doesn’t have to be expensive, and we think we keep it pretty reasonable. Unlike a lot of places these days, we are small and independent, definitely the underdogs in the big corporate world, but what we do have that money can’t buy is an authentic experience, with quality food, a friendly and personal team and Al himself looking after you.

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Al’s Deli, 492 Queen Street.
Monday & Tuesday 7am – 8pm ish
Wednesday 7am – 9pm ish
Thursday & Friday 7am – late
Saturday 9am – late
Sunday 9am – 8pm

Our entrance is on City Road across from the Wilson’s car park.
09 373 2961 / info@alsdeli.co.nz



Al’s Deli, 12 O’Connell Street
Monday to Friday
7am – 4pm

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