What a year!

Al’s Deli opened about a year ago, and what a year we’ve had! We’ve had such great support and loved serving our loyal fans!

In that year we got asked to cater for Leonard Cohen, a pretty famous singer from Montreal, kind of partial to smoked brisket and bagels! And we also became the unofficial home base of the Canadian High Commission, RCMP, Military, Canadian media, and PRIME MINISTER, Stephen Harper in the lead up to the G20 in Brisbane. It was a great honour to represent Canada at it’s culinary deli best!




Bagel Fact

Bagel history dates back to 1783, according to popular belief. They were created to honor King John III Sobieski of Poland, after he protected Austria’s people from an attack by Turkish invaders.

Rumor has it a local Austrian baker created the bagel in the shape of a stirrup to honor the renowned horseman, and named it a “beugel” (the Austrian word for stirrup). The beugel quickly gained popularity throughout Eastern Europe, and, as it did so, the bagel evolved into a circular shape with a hole in the middle, as it appears today.